Evolution of all things Apple

I was just wondering the other day waiting for a class at the local Apple Store, isn't it interesting how my Apple Watch became my iPhone, and my iPhone 7 Plus replaced my iPad, and my iPad Pro is going to replace my main computer, my MacBook Pro. The delivery is scheduled on August 15th, and I can't wait. I'm even more excited about all the new features iOS 11 is going to bring us this fall. 


My work keeps me so busy; I've been so far away from all things Apple for a long long time. Maybe my thoughts here are not unique. Maybe somebody has already thought and said the same things or something very similar. Please feel free to send me the links. And don't subscribe yet. I have no idea what this blog is going to be about. Maybe this will be the only thing about Apple. Maybe there will be many things about Apple. Maybe there will be dresses and pretty flowers. Maybe there won't be. Maybe there will be a different subsection or at least a redirect to something with my personal views on finance. Maybe there won't be. It all depends if I get work approvals first. I know that I need approvals; I just don't know how many, and if I am even allowed to publish anything work related on the web at all, even with all the disclaimers that it's my own personal opinion, not the company's opinion. But off we go! Please wish me luck.