Unusually quiet


Fall is finally here. And I’m excited. Maybe I’ll write some more and take more pictures.  


I’ve been unusually quiet lately. If you want me to write about something specific, I’m always open to suggestions. Maybe I have a writer’s block. There are so many things going on, but so hard to choose one thing in particular as all of them suddenly seem so trivial. And somehow in the process of overthinking and eliminating, there is nothing left to write at all.

Maybe I just need to make a list of the things I want to write about and then just go through the list here one by one. What do you do when you don’t know what to write about?

I thought and thought and thought some more... And I really want iPhone X. Which is almost unfortunate because my iPhone 7 Plus is just three months old, and it’s a waste to get a new phone every three months, don’t you think?  

We are survivors


Just look what grows in between the wooden dock and concrete border that separates the dock from the lake on the Harbourfront! 


Little pretty yellow flowers! In order to capture this tiny fragile beauty, swept away and bent to all sides with the wind, bent, but not broken, I hand to kneel. And the people walking past me probably looked at me and thought that in my torn jeans kneeling in front of the lake and muttering something to myself, I was one of those crazy people let on the loose in the city while in fact I was just somebody captivated by the beauty of the nature. As I looked at that flower, I told it that we were both survivors. The wind might bend us to the ground but we would still get up and bounce back. 

In high school, my cheerleading coach used to say, "Don't you ever quit." All coaches used to say the same thing to the teams they coached. And only half of my life later I learned from a motivational Instagram post (of all places!) the other part of this wisdom, "When you get tired, you don't quit. You learn how to rest." With my go-go-go mentality, I'm still struggling with learning how to rest but I promise, I will get better. 

A little comfort goes a long way

The question I often ask myself is what makes our house home? 


What converts the brick or concrete walls into our castle that is like no other place on earth? Why do I come to the houses of some of my friends and they look more like hotel suits? I'm not even sure that anybody, including me, intends to spend there any more than just a few hours. Though other places draw us like magnets. They feel like home away from home. And they are not even meant to be anybody's home! Something like a nice coffee shop inside a book store, or a gorgeous hotel suite. Why can they achieve to create this special atmosphere that people want to live and stay, total strangers want to grow roots there, meanwhile people can live for years in houses, apartments, and condos, failing completely to make them feel like home?

To me, the devil, as always, hides in all these little details. In the small comforts we add to the space. In nice candles that can be lit up to brighten the mood. In the plants that grow close to the windows or in the most random places. In the books that decorate the walls (or hide in the oven if you are visiting Carrie Bradshaw). In nice notebooks, and pens, and other small tokens of hobbies that the owners of the space have. In the artwork and family pictures. Knowing how long it takes to frame something, you start thinking if they went through all that trouble they may not actually just get up and leave. All this things that show the owners' care, their compassion, and warmth. All these things make a house truly a home.

P.S. If somebody knows where my succulent thinks it's going, please let me know. I have no idea. I have a feeling it wants to travel the world. 🌿🌱🎋🎍🌱

Toronto. The city of beautiful hearts. My home.

"We are billions of beautiful hearts." Pink 🎶 


New York may be the city of blinding lights, but Toronto is the city of beautiful hearts. And I am constantly humbled by all the kindness they show to all the different people who live in this city. Small acts of kindness do not go unnoticed, and I wish I had enough words and creative talent to capture them all.

This beautiful city where diversity and multiculturalism and not just marketing words masking hostility towards one another; where they are understood and, most importantly, felt in the community, in the society, in everything around us. There are so many things that separate us. Why should we think about them if we can think about all the thin us that unite us?

From Toronto with love,


Evolution of all things Apple

I was just wondering the other day waiting for a class at the local Apple Store, isn't it interesting how my Apple Watch became my iPhone, and my iPhone 7 Plus replaced my iPad, and my iPad Pro is going to replace my main computer, my MacBook Pro. The delivery is scheduled on August 15th, and I can't wait. I'm even more excited about all the new features iOS 11 is going to bring us this fall. 


My work keeps me so busy; I've been so far away from all things Apple for a long long time. Maybe my thoughts here are not unique. Maybe somebody has already thought and said the same things or something very similar. Please feel free to send me the links. And don't subscribe yet. I have no idea what this blog is going to be about. Maybe this will be the only thing about Apple. Maybe there will be many things about Apple. Maybe there will be dresses and pretty flowers. Maybe there won't be. Maybe there will be a different subsection or at least a redirect to something with my personal views on finance. Maybe there won't be. It all depends if I get work approvals first. I know that I need approvals; I just don't know how many, and if I am even allowed to publish anything work related on the web at all, even with all the disclaimers that it's my own personal opinion, not the company's opinion. But off we go! Please wish me luck.